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File Resolution?

If your file is not 300 dpi, you can't increase a low-res image to a higher one by just changing the dpi in PhotoShop etc. The printed result will still be a blurry image. the file needs to be designed at a high resolution 300 or greater. vectored files are another good option! Don't worry if your still confused we have a team of great designers ready to help you along with your project.

There is nothing we can do here at Miami Banner Printing to fix this issue except re-design the file for you at an additional cost.

maimi wide format printing good resolutionGOOD RESOLUTION maimi wide format printing bad resolutionBAD RESOLUTION



Well this is a simple question.. Red, Green, Blue (RGB) is what a computer monitor displays it has less colors then what printers are capable of. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK) is the format for printing and has better depth & color when used with printed materials. We are not saying you cant print RGB graphics or its bad in fact some people prefer RGB. Our printers have RGB profiles built into them for magnificent vibrant RGB Results. You just wont get the full effect that a CMYK graphic will give you when printed.



What the heck is bleed? Am i supposed to stab my computer? Answer is no. Bleeds are very simple I will do my best to explain what a bleed is and why it is important below. all printed materials need to be cut out of the parent sheet, canvas, or vinyl. We need to make sure that during the cutting process none of your important info included in the artwork is damaged or cut-off.

maimi wide format printing good bleedGOOD Bleed maimi wide format printing bad bleedBAD Bleed



as you can see above the logos on this file are going to be cut off, this would be bad because those logos are important to the client and the clients sponsors. The client didn't leave enough room to cut between the bottom edge of the artwork and the logos looks to be about an 1/8 of an inch and should be at least a 1/4 inch even 3/8 inch to be extra safe.

Bleeds: Files that reach the cut-line need to be extended to the red line. Move all text and Important pictures etc inward 0.250 - 0.375" of your artwork for proper bleed. (0.125" to each side of your artwork)

Safety: Text outside the safety line will get cut in the trimming process. Make sure all important info ie. logos & text does not go over the safety line.

We can fix about 80% of bad artwork with minimal noticeably but we do charge an additional fee to do so.



Bleeds: The image extends to the red dotted line for proper bleed.

Safety: The text, logos, & all important information is inside the safety line to prevent information from getting cut off.


Question & Answer

| Q | Can I pick up my banners from Miami Banner Printing?

| A | Yes, Banners can be picked up from our Miami FL Location. For shipping you will find that our shipping rates are extremely affordable.

| Q | Do banner files have to have the same bleeds as regular printing files?

| A | Yes, banners must include a .250" (1/4") bleed on all edges to allow background, texture, & or color to extend fully to the edge. Text must also be kept 1/4" inside the finished dimension to so that no text is cut or ends up right along the edge of your banner. This allows us enough room to cut and fold the banner material and insert grommets.

| Q | What file type do you recommend for the best banner printing results?

| A | Any Vector file such as an EPS AI, or PDF exported from Illustrator will have the highest quality print. We can still print JPEG's, GIF's, TIFF's, or PNG's, and many other image file types, Ensure that when submitting vector files to us you outline all fonts & strokes.

| Q | At what resolution should I submit my banner file?

| A | Print files should be designed at least a 150 dpi but 300 dpi is optimal resolution. Prints viewed from a far may be submitted at lower resolutions and will appear clear. It depends on the distance the banner is being viewed from.


Miami Banner Printing recommends the following resolutions:

10' or less, send at 300 dpi
10' or more send at 150 dpi
50' or more, send at 72 dpi


| Q | At what dimension and resolutions should I send my banner file?

| A | The Size of banner files should be scaled 50% - 75% of size on a scale of 12 to 1 so that 1 foot equals 1 inch. So if a banner needs to be 6' x 6' then the file itself should be created at 6" x 6" at 1200 dpi resolution with a .250" (1/4") bleed for each edge.The final file dimensions & resolutions would be 4.250" x 4.250" @ 1200dpi.

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