FoamBoard Printing

Experience the Power of Precision: Foam Board Printing delivers exceptional foam board prints with stunningly accurate imaging, guaranteeing flawless reproduction of your digital design.  Take it a step further with our contour cutting service and choose from two thicknesses for a truly professional look. Impress clients, attract customers, and stand out from the competition with our precision foam board prints.

Make a bold statement with your marketing materials by printing foam board signs in Miami! Whether you need standard foam board, ultra board, gator board, or contour cutting, we have the options to elevate your branding game. Let’s dive into the world of foam board printing and explore how it can help you stand out in the bustling city of Miami.

Standard FoamBoard Printing:

Our standard sheets of foam core start at four by eight feet in size. We are delighted to offer a wide range of standard sizes for our blank boards, including full-sheet printing. Our team takes great pride in custom-cutting each order to ensure the perfect size for your needs. We offer the thickness options of 3/16th inch and half inch.

Foamboard printing is an excellent choice for anyone who requires a rigid and lightweight material to display their image at a trade show, office or board meeting presentation. Some people also refer to this material as foamex or foam core. Either way, we know what you need when you mention what you want.

Direct To Substrate Printing

We print our foam board direct-to-substrate, which means that our UV inks go directly on the board. We do not print and apply overlays or sheets of adhesive to the surface. Translation: Our printing is more efficient and cost effective for you. The UV inks used are super-durable and scratch resistant.

Single-Sided / Double-Sided Printing

Just let us know if you want both sides printed! We can easily print double sided foam boards on any of the materials mentioned on this page. We are not limited to just one sided printing, ask us for pricing on double sided printing if your project calls for it!

Contour Cut Foam Board

Make a lasting impression with your foam board sign; contour cutting offers an eye-catching way to stand out from the crowd. Our precision cutting allows for custom shapes and designs that truly make an impact. Any custom shape is possible, including letterforms, obtuse shapes, and standard shapes like circles, stars, and arrows.

Ultraboard Printing

Ultraboard is a type of quality foam board that is much more durable, rigid, and weighs around the same. The primary difference in this material is the strength of the board. While regular foamex boards can easily bend and therefore crack, you might consider upgrading to ultra board for a more durable final product.

Gator Board Printing

Gator board printing is another type of foam core sheet that has name brand recognition. This material is ultra rigid and is known as the most durable of the three types of foam that we print. One other benefit to gator board is that we have the option of a black edge. Black gator board is available on request and can make your prints stand out by showing a black edge instead of white.

Common Uses for Foam Board

Aside from standard foam board poster printing, there are plenty of other unique ways to utilize this material. We are not strangers to building high quality backdrop walls from foam board as well as using this material as a “faux-wall-wrap”.

Foamboard Backdrop Wall

Take custom foam board printing to the max by using multiple full sheets of material to build out a huge display wall. Utilizing multiple sheets of material standing side by side, you can create a beautiful standing “wall” of graphics. 

Normally, we make these walls using ½ inch material and stand them up using mightee mounts [a heavy steel “foot” at the base of each board]. A small clip is added at the top in between each sheet to hold them all together, along with the steel feet at the bottom. Please call for estimates on one of these impressive walls.

Foam Board Faux-Wall-Wrap

There are certain situations where covering a wall with vinyl will not work. Sometimes, you may need to suspend this display in the air, or limitations to the building may require alternative options for a wall display. We can use sheets of foam board to present a wall wrap of massive size. Let us know if you have a request for this kind of wall covering. 

Typically printed on multiple sheets of material, we adhere the boards to the wall using double sided foam mounting tape. The boards butt end-to-end to create a seamless graphic along the wall.

  • Foamex board, a fire rated display product that can easily be drilled.
  • Indoors they can easily be displayed using Velcro tape, suction cups or double sided tape.
  • Outdoors they can be screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface.