Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl Banners to Miami!

Do you need a Vinyl Banner printed for a special event, a sale or promotion you company is running? Maybe even to market a new service or product?

We print banners that are both indoor and outdoor rated, whether you want Black & White, Full Color or to match a specific color; we can do it. We print our banners on high quality matte or gloss banner material and we even offer different weights and finishing based on what you need. Call us today!

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Large Format Vinyl Banners

We have experience working with large format vinyl banners for museums and all types of advertising. These wide vinyl banners can last for years and will bright and colorful even in the sun. 

Our seamless printing capability extends up to 16 feet in width and can reach lengths of up to 140 feet. 

Choosing Your Banner Weight

When choosing your banner, it’s important to understand the weight you might need for the exact purpose you’re using it for. Here are some of our most popular weights for vinyl banners: 

  • 13 ounce is the weight we most often use for general purpose banner printing.
  • 18 ounce banner material is used when added durability is required.

For general signage and average use requirements, go with the 13 oz.

When you need a heavier, more robust material for very harsh situations or to “block out” your windows, use the 18 oz.

Finishing Options for Vinyl Banners

The material you choose will be determined by where you will use and it and what the purpose is for! Here are some of the material options we offer for vinyl banners in Miami:

  • 13 oz. Vinyl Banner. (Matte or Gloss)
  • 16 oz. Blockout Vinyl Banner
  • 22 oz. Blockout Vinyl Banner
  • Front-lit Vinyl Banners
  • Back-lit Vinyl Banners
  • 10 oz. vinyl Banner. (Matte or Gloss)

To achieve a particularly sturdy finish, we can double sew the corners of your banner, to add strength to the material.

You can hang your banner on a pole or pipe by utilizing a pole pocket. If you would like, we may add a pole pocket to any edge. Pole pockets are available in 2″, 3″, and 4″ sizes, let us know which size works best for you.

To make a double-sided banner, we print on the front and back of the material. Double Sided banners cost roughly twice as much as single sided banners.

To create the strongest edge possible, we stitch additional material into the edges of the banner. This material is called webbing, and is similar to the material used in tie-straps for trucks.

Adding “D-Rings” in addition to your webbing will add a high strength metal “D” ring to suspend your banner using anything.

Wind Slits are the half circle cuts that you sometimes see on banners. These cuts in the material allow for wind to pass through and reduce stress on your installation.

For easy hanging onto trees, pillars, and other strange placements, we can sew rope into the edges of your banner.

We occasionally get requests for Velcro banners, and we can do them! Your choice of 1″ or 2″ Velcro on the back of your banners edges. The “Loop” side is sewn to your banner, and the “Hook” side comes as an adhesive strip to apply wherever you like.

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Signs and Printing has years of experience providing high quality vinyl banners all across Miami. Call us directly and a salesperson will help you place your order and you’ll feel instantly secure that your project is underway. Contact us today!

One of our most sought after qualities as a company is we have real people available to take your call and help with your project. Vinyl banners offer such a wide range of applications that you should contact us now for help!

Turnaround Times

Standard Two Day Turnaround: Weekends excluded, all vinyl banners are delivered within 48 hours. You will receive your banner on Wednesday if you order it on Monday. We understand that business moves quickly, therefore you shouldn’t have to wait too long to receive your banner.

Next Day Service: If you place your order by 11AM, Next Day Service is available. Place an order with us today, and have your banner tomorrow. Next Day Service costs more than our standard service, but if you need it fast – This is the way to go. 

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