Step and Repeat Banners

(Backdrop Printing)

Step and Repeat Banners!

Step and repeat banner printing is the most entertaining and professional approach to enhance your event. With a logo-repeating background, your company logo and the brand logos of your partners will be captured in every photograph! Step-and-repeat backgrounds are commonly used for photo shoots, press conferences, and red carpet events, but they may be utilized for a variety of other special events.

What Types of Backdrops do we Print?

Signs and Printing provides a variety of step-and-repeat display techniques. Whether you are throwing a private party, exhibiting at a trade exhibition, or holding a conference, our options span from formal to informal. Custom sizes are available, and orders can be placed with or without a frame.

Pole Packet Banner

Pole Pocket (Pipe and Drape) Backdrop

The pole pocket step and repeat is our most widespread and cost-effective step and repeat stands. This style of backdrop has been utilized at trade exhibitions, office parties, and launch events. All connecting components are clearly labeled for simple assembly. These backdrops can be difficult for a single individual to tackle on their own, thus we recommend a setup team of two persons.


Standard Sizes: 8×8, 8×10

Tension Fabric Banner

Tension Fabric Wall / Pillowcase Wall

Our favorite step and repeat is the tension fabric wall because of its impeccable finish. This background has a pillow case print and zips around the aluminum frame tightly. Typically, installation takes 10 minutes or less. The metal frame is easily assembled. After completion, only the feet of the hardware remain visible. We recommend that two individuals assemble the stand jointly.


Standard Sizes: 8×8, 8×10

Velcro Pop Up Banners

Velcro Pop Up Wall

This is the backdrop with the accordion-style pop-up frame. Once the frame has been fully enlarged, the printed fabric background is attached to the frame using Velcro. Since this wall has the most depth, our pop up walls are frequently utilized as step and repeat backdrops. With 12″ side walls on the left and right, the fabric pattern is large enough to wrap around the front and both edges.


Standard Sizes: 8×8, 8×10

Custom Backdrop Banners

Some of our clients simply need a large vinyl banner for their step and repeat. Our step-and-repeat banners, used for custom builds, may be printed in any size. Choose vinyl or fabric and finish it with grommets or pole pockets for a display that is stretched over a truss frame or hung with suspension bars. If you have special size needs, we can print your step-and-repeat banner to your specifications.

Step And Repeat Banner

Step and Repeat Design Service

Free Simple Design: For up to three logos. We are delighted to assist individuals in need of a rapid graphic setup. This free service includes one unique design plus one revision.

Custom Step-and-Repeat Design Service: We offer custom step-and-repeat design service to customers who require many logos on their step-and-repeat or who desire something a little more unique.

What material options do we have?

By default, all of our step-and-repeat banners are printed on a high-quality polyester cloth. We believe that fabric is more attractive than vinyl and that it tends to last longer. Our cloth backgrounds are reusable, washable, and professionally finished with sewed edges. Additionally, we print step-and-repeat banners on vinyl. When conditions require a vinyl step-and-repeat, we can easily provide one.

Outdoor Step And Repeat
Step And Repeat Fabric

Average Turnaround Times

Standard turnaround time is one week or less.


48 Hour Rush: Step-and-repeat orders placed before the end of each business day will be turned around within 48 hours.


Next Day Urgent Printing: Next Day step and repeat printing is provided Monday through Friday until 12pm (Noon). This service is exclusive to pole pocket step-and-repeats.


Same Day Printing is available on occasion, depending on our workload for that day. If you need something TODAY, please call in and let us know.

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